Markle Special Collections

The Markle Foundation is pleased to share its documents with all those interested in finding ways of addressing critical public needs in the information age.

The documents in this archive cover a wide variety of subjects, all focusing on the intersection of policy and information technology. In the last few years, the Markle Foundation has focused mainly on using information and technology to improve health and enhance national security. Other areas Markle has addressed in the past include information technology for development, children and interactive media, and Internet governance.

We are committed to sharing our findings and expanding this collection on an ongoing basis. Please visit the collection regularly for access to our latest reports and publications.

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FACCT Measures — Major Depressive Disorder Publication Date: January 1995 Publisher(s): FACCT - The Foundation for Accountability; Research Area: FACCT
The Children With Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) Screener © Publication Date: Publisher(s): FACCT - The Foundation for Accountability; The Child and Health Measurement Initiative (CAHMI) Research Area: FACCT